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Providing extremism and radicalisation training, seminars and workshops for students and staff.

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Our story so far...

As co-founders, Dave and I have a unique approach to our workshops for staff and students. Founded on honest dialogue, mutual respect for each others perspectives and loads of banter, our philosophy is and always will remain united towards a very passionate cause, countering HATE.


What's on our training menu?

Don't know where to start? Head in a bit of a whir? Our workshops prove that people can and do work together. With our fusion of experiences and our expert training on tackling extremism and countering racism, our carefully designed workshops and sessions for both staff and students focus on providing clarity and guidance on these hot topics.


What is 'race' anyway?

Irfan and I believe that no one is racially superior to their different coloured neighbour and for a lot of people who believe that their group, gang, clan or tribe is better than everyone else's, well the game is pretty much up. With our joint expertise on science and religion as well as DNA testing to back up our arguments, we are out to prove that race as we know it simply doesn't exist.



Catch us with our vlogging hats on, as we have our weekly chinwag, poke fun at silly trends, current affairs, hot topics and stereotypes over a cuppa and biscuits.


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Me & You's delivery of their two extremes workshop for Writtle University College staff (senior management, teaching and support) and students was very well received. Not only did the sessions further develop understanding of the Prevent duty, but they were informative and thought provoking. Irfan and Dave's different perspectives and engaging and knowledgeable delivery style kept the sessions lively and relevant. We would highly recommend the workshop and hope to work with them again in the future!

Janine Rusbridge B.A.(Hons) Chartered MCIPD, Director of Human Resources

'It's reshaped my deep rooted views and ideas about race, colour and the Jewish dimension. I've had the chance to undergo a DNA test and the results were shocking and completely pulled the rug out from under my feet. With their help and support I no longer have any contact with the Far Right. My life's massively turned around for the better.'

Ex member of Fascist group/Convicted Terrorist

'I am very grateful for their work in local communities across the country both at a local and national level to tackle issues of racism and extremism.'

Former Secretary of State

'This training session by REWIND UK was by far the most informative and enlightening that I have ever attended and believe me, in my career, I have attended hundreds.'

Local Authority Youth Service Manager

'Approaches which are helping to build resilience against extremism among young people'.

This project provokes deep thought about issues of 'race' and provides a safe, no-blame atmosphere, where debates about 'race' and extremism are encouraged.

Case study in DFE report

I'd heard from a friend of mine who is a Vice Principal in a neighbouring school that we MUST have this session come to our school. I took one look at the website and I knew he was right. I wasn't disappointed! A passionate, well informed, 'current' session with a strong message for students and staff.

Andy Scott-Evans, Headteacher, Becket Keys Church of England School, Brentwood)

A very engaging session, well received by students who appreciated the sensitive delivery.

Francis Howarth, Head teacher, West Hatch High School, Essex

Your workshops were interesting, visual, bespoke and informative. I was delighted that you tailored the sessions for us, adapting the content of the children's presentation after feedback from our parent workshops.

James Kenyon, Head, Chapel End Primary School, Walthamstowe

Really interesting from start to finish. Thoroughly engaging trainers who worked well together and very informative. Really important and thought provoking - such an important topic for education of young people.

Mark Cummins, Community Manager, Rotherham United Community Trust

A very difficult topic area delivered in a fun and engaging way. I particularly liked the idea of the 'Identity bag'.

Karen Hooker, Head, Downside Primary School, Luton

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We are on a mission to eliminate extremism one person at a time. Want to learn more about what we do, our workshops, seminars and the courses we offer? Want to know your far right from your left foot when it comes to radicalisation? Sign us up today!