We're pretty much like chalk 'n' cheese...

The humble beginnings of Me&You came about due to the demand from the education sector for clarity, advice and training on tackling extremism and radicalisation. Initially this collaboration reflected our polar opposite personalities, eventually the idea materialised to become Me&You. The name still reflects the personalities behind the training project, but also is a way to challenge the extremist rhetoric of ‘us and them.’

As its co-founders me and Dave both share the same universally accepted British values of respect, acceptance of difference (not tolerance – we don’t like the ‘putting up’ connotation this gives), and down right honesty

But united in a common cause

We’re all about being a solution-focused organisation, not a problem focused one; primarily because when our values are aligned, problems become easier to resolve.

My personal motto as a Muslim has been inspired by the words of the Prophet Muhammad, (peace and blessings be upon him) when he defined a true believer as being someone “who keeps other peoplesafe.” – that’s all people, regardless of colour, creed or background!!

Let them eat cake!

Together we believe that through the power of education and by building resilience we are re-strengthening the foundations of our community and overall society. We mutually agree that empowering people (the right way) goes a long, long way into fighting the fight against the many headed monster of extremism, radicalisation and ultimately terrorism.

Personally I think loads of good Yorkshire tea and French Fancies would help us fight extremism, I think Dave would agree. Let them eat cake!


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