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Imam Muhammad Irfan Chishti LLb (Hons.) MA, MBE

After graduating with a Law degree in 1995 Imam Irfan Chishti embarked on a 7 year path of seeking the traditional Islamic sciences and the Arabic language.  He began his traditional Islamic learning at home from his father, a senior Mufti in the UK, and after completing his secular education he enrolled at a UK Islamic seminary, Jamia al Karam in 1995.  Thereafter he enrolled at the world famous University of Al-Azhar in Cairo, Egypt studying for a degree in Islamic Theology.  He returned to the UK in 2001 where after he received an MA in Islamic Studies at Manchester University in 2003 – the thesis for the MA was entitled “An Evaluation on the Classical Concept of Jihad in Light of the Contemporary view of Usamah bin Laden”

He trained professionally as a teacher in religious education (2004) and after taking up post as Head of Dept he relinquished this position (post 7/7) in order to further his community and Islamic work.  He went back into education in 2010 and worked up to the position of Assistant Principal.

Imam Irfan is passionate about “redressing the balance” created by extremist groups in the our country and is often commenting on various news outlets about Muslim community affairs.  He is a highly effective trainer and is very knowledgeable and skilled in presenting the counter arguments to extremist rhetoric.  With this in mind Imam Irfan set up Facets Consulting in 2013 to help support institutions and individuals in countering extremist ideology, especially due to the growth in perceived popularity of the un-Islamic State.

Previous Chair of the Borough of Rochdale MultiFaith Forum, he is still keen on developing dialogue that translates to action.  In 2010 he was part of a Christian Muslim delegation supporting the plight of minority Christians in Pakistan.

His work in the field of madrasah teaching and the capacity building of mosques was recognised in the Houses of Parliament and he was further commended in the form of an MBE in the New Years Honours list 2009, for Services to Muslim Communities.  The writing of the groundbreaking Islam and Citizenship Education ( (hyperlink) was commissioned to Imam Irfan in 2007.

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Dave Allport DipHE, MA

Dave, the Co-Founder has now sadly retired from the Me and You Education project but still is an inspiration to all the team.

Dave has been involved in Anti-racism work for the past 26 years. This has involved working in schools, youth work and training for professionals such as police, teachers, youth workers, health workers etc.  His background is in youth work, with a particular emphasis on detached youth work and with ‘Anti-racism’ as a specialism.  He has worked at an African-Caribbean Resource Centre for 7 years and a Muslim Community Centre for 4 years, also working within White communities where racism and Far Right activity were prominent.  He has been published by the Runneymede Trust and also other national publications, with his work being recognised as ‘good practice’ at a World conference on racism held in South Africa and has also been a member of an all-party House of Commons group on conflict resolution.

Dave is Founder and Director of the REWIND UK project, based in the West Midlands which has received national and international recognition.  The project has designed and produced an educational DVD supported by Home Office and DCLG that is being used nationally and internationally and also featured on the BBC World Service to a global audience.  He has developed ‘satellites’ of the project in 6 other areas of the UK.  Dave has to date delivered training in over 300 areas of the UK, along with several other European countries.

He is a registered OSCT Intervention provider on Far Right and has carried out over 200 interventions with individuals from groups as diverse as EDL (including the ex- leader), NF, C18, Aryan Strike Force, NSM and others.  He is a qualified Youth Worker DipHE (JNC) also with a Masters degree in Applied Community Studies from Birmingham University but still states that the hardest work he ever did was in the Foundry Industry for 17 years!!


Ivan Humble 

From a narrative of Hate to a narrative of Change

Ivan Humble was born in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk in 1970 but spend all of his life living in Lowestoft, Suffolk. He was a leading active member of the the Far Right from 2009 when he joined the EDL (English Defence League).  He started out as a foot soldier but quickly worked his way up to role of Regional Organiser (RO) for the East Anglia Region.

Whilst Regional Organiser he was responsible for setting up new divisions of the EDL throughout East Anglia also for arranging demonstrations and sorting travel from various places around East Anglia, recruiting and fundraising.  He was also the admin of many EDL pages on Social Media and thus has a lot of insight to the narrative of the Far Right.

Since leaving the Far Right in 2014, Ivan is active in various communities within East Anglia and across the country.  Ivan uses his knowledge and understanding to highlight and combat radicalisation and all forms of extremism.  He campaigns against Racism and Hate crime under the banner OYEtoHate (Open Your Eyes to Hate. )

Ivan now talks about his personal journey after seeing through his hate and works to break down barriers and tackles the many misconceptions of his misguided hate hoping to help others to change their views to live a normal hate free lives.

Ivan joined the Me and You Education team in September 2017, as an Associate Trainer, sharing his insight of the real active life of the English Defence League.

Ivan can be contacted at:

Trainer Profile

Imam Imran Muhammad BA (Hons.) Al Azhari

Imran Muhammad is a dynamic engaging and very passionate facilitator.  He joined the Me and You Education team in 2016 and has been leading the schools’ engagement programme.

He has background in community radio as well as presenting on some of the national community Sky based TV channels.  (1999- 2002).  His studies took him to the work famous Al Azhar University in Cairo completing a BA in Theology and then on his return he completed a BA in Youth Work from Chester University (2011).

In 2007 he completed a one-year placement as a Youth Worker and Mentor for the renowned Bolton Lads and Girls Club.  The following year he moved on to working for Bolton Local Authority Child Services which lead to posts as a teacher at a Pupil Referral Centre and a Youth Worker in some of the most diverse as well as challenging circumstances.After this time Imran took up a various other part time posts including one that he has gained most insightf experience of the radicalisation process, working as a Muslim Chaplain for HM Prison Service.  Specifically he has worked one to one work with convicted terrorists. He has also worked both as volunteer as well as official Projects Officer for the NGO, Muslim Charity.


Imran’s varied work experiences gives him a great insight into community dynamics.  Religiously he serves the South Manchester Community in a large mosque in Longsight.  As well as all the above he is proud father to his only daughter.

Imran can be contacted at:

Trainer Profile

Jonny Jones BA (Hons) Youth and Community Work

Jonny joined the Me and You Education team in 2015 and has been working on both the schools’ engagement programme as well as delivering ideology on the Far Right.

Jonny’s has been supporting and working with some of the most disadvantaged and hard to reach children and young people for over 20 years.  This background gives him an excellent standing when delivering the Me and You Education workshops at both KS1 and KS2 as well as being able to engage with more challenging older students.

He has a speciality in Wellbeing and he brings

For the last 6 years he has been self employed in Australia and the UK, working alongside some national organisations for Protective Behaviours (PBs).   PB’s are a set of strategies for anyone to feel physically and emotionally safe.  Jonny applies PB’s to his practice as a trainer so that the young people in particular can achieve the most effective and sustainable outcomes.

Jonny has developed his own practice through partnerships with Local Authorities and other organisations linked to education, social care, youth offending and Looked After Children.  The Centre for Violence Prevention at Worcester University are evaluating some of his work over the next 2 years.

Jonny can be contacted at:

We also have access to a number of other Associates that sometimes deliver on the Me and You team including female facilitators if required please enquire.