Training; does what it says on the tin

Our unique philosophy has always been that one opinion doesn�t fit all. That is why we believe in adapting and meeting our consumers� needs with a balanced approach.

Between the pair of us, our experiences at Rewind UK and Facets Consulting Ltd., and our expert training on anti-extremism and racism helped us put together our new interactive training service at Me&You.

Our training packages are a meticulous collaboration, which aim to provide training to all educational establishments and assist institutions in meeting the new Prevent Duty Law* which was launched on July 1st 2015 to address radicalisation and extremism.

*Para 73: Ofsted inspections now routinely assess schools(colleges) on how well they promote fundamental British values and safeguard pupils from the risk of extremism.

We agree to disagree

Some would say the most impacting feature of our training sessions is that they are delivered jointly by two very different people, who have opinions as different as apples and oranges. Ultimately, despite our differences in opinion, we both hope to prove that through our joint partnership people can, and do, mutually co-exist.

Our interactive package tackles a spectrum of issues ranging from:

  • Raising awareness on extremist dialogue
  • Equipping people with the know-how on how to raise a concern
  • Exploring the main extremist groups and individuals operating in the UK
  • Providing counter arguments to extremist narratives
Buff up that brain

Our training sessions are exclusively designed to bust extremist ideologies and myths, and build up a sense of resilience amongst the young and vulnerable who may be exposed to incorrect schools of thought/world views.

What our interactive training package currently offers:

  • A personally tailored session ranging from an hour, to 2 day seminars (for individual institution needs)
  • Staff CPD Training (suitable for all staff, parents, governors)
  • Raising awareness of Far Right extremists and Islamists
  • Interactive Student Workshops (Upper primary, through to college/university)
  • Multiple school staff collaboration to maximise on addressing radicalisation and extremism